Robert Park’s Passion

by edyeeh

Robert Park

Robert Park is a US missionary who crossed into North Korean territory last December 25 2009. Basically, he said he was fed up with all the crimes that North Korea is committing that he wants to send a message to them especially to Kim Jong Ill to stop them and free the people. Read the whole interview.

The passion of Robert Park is certainly inspiring. I can’t do what this man did, and I know none who would actually do this. Many people label his action as ‘crazy’ and I have to disagree. For a man to spend his own money, time, effort, even his life to preach religious freedom and human rights to North Korea is very very brave. He was fully aware of the consequences that he might get himself tortured and killed aware of the alleged human rights violations of North Korea.

I think these people deep inside of them just refuse to understand Robert Park or are afraid to compare themselves to this outstanding man, so they call him crazy just so they would look normal. Just because I can’t do what he did doesn’t give me a right to call him crazy. He actually did say that he didn’t care if he was killed or imprisoned. He also didn’t want to be freed by Barrak Obama if he got caught. So I think the man was rational and thinking clearly before he decided to go there.

North Korean Propaganda Debunked

The interesting point of all this whole event is that the expose of the Western media’s propaganda of North Korea. Everyone knows that the U.S.A. is the most fanatical enemy of Communism. The U.S. has a strategy of fighting proxy wars to prevent communism from taking over the world. In the Vietnam war, they supported south Vietnam against the north (like Korea) but lost. The Berlin wall which was divided West and East, was a popular ideological battle that divided Germany, with the U.S. supporting the west. Their counterbalance from comunist China is through an alliance with Taiwan and Tibet (the enemy of my enemy is my friend). From all these battles, the U.S. always use the kind of psychological warfare that put the communists in the bad light which always included the propaganda of lies and deceit. North Korea which is still technically in war with South Korea (because they only have a ceasefire) can still be subject to this kind of propaganda. The usual historical propaganda against the communist partisans is that of poverty, human rights, religious freedom (the contradiction is that they label communists as Godless while at the same supporting atheism back home).

From the statements given by Robert Park, I think he was really deceived by this propaganda. He was mentioning that the North Korea was like the Nazi with concentration camps, that North Koreans were dying everyday from hunger, or that they were denied religious freedom. He was taking in every lie that the U.S. government was giving. If he only knew that the history of U.S.A. is paved with antagonism against Communism.

Robert Park on a plane back to the US from China

What I saw of Robert Park from pictures when he returned was he looked like a broken man. He was almost like someone who was betrayed when he was exposed to the sobering truth. That he as a Christian believed everything the government told him when Christianity itself focused on the truth. He probably felt shame that everything on the ground was different from those that was being told to him. That he acted self-righteously when those he were preaching to were not sinful in the first place.

With the limited exposure of the news of his return, Washington has refused comment and has remained silent.

Important Deception

For the government of the US (if not capitalism) to look strong, they must continually deceive their own people. During the Vietnam war, it’s the exposure of the violence from the ground that led to US forces to withdraw from the war pressured by the peace activists back home. The US Government are learning from this and are forming new strategies to counteract this. From what I’ve read of US foreign policies termed “minimize public resistance”, the method of deceiving their own people has been a practice to continue hostilities and war. It is crucial for the American people to think, since the government is still technically at proxy war with the North, to maintain this negative view of the enemy. So they must always release statements of deception against their enemy. Because if the global perspective (not only US citizens) of the North start believing that the North Koreans are happy and content with communism, it will be a sign of failure for capitalism and probably gain of support for the North, which would mean a bad sign for the ally, South Korea.

The propaganda also includes not mentioning the war as a war between Capitalism and Communism, but focusing more as a internal war between the North and the South.